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as service-boxes

World of Lockers Inc., is more than just a locker, it offers intelligent indoor and, above all, outdoor safe systems worldwide. Thanks to its complete digitization and automation, these high-tech lockers can be used as service-boxes that allow flexible delivery and acceptance of goods, packages, etc. at any time. For the first time, a variety of services can be intelligently linked to a locker system via various software interfaces. The high-tech boxes provide the most innovative solution to parcel service providers as well as online dealers and retailers to meet their customers‘ growing mobility needs. In addition, anyone can rent lockers, keyless and code-based around the clock to keep their valuables until they’re available to retrieve them. 


These high-tech boxes will be set-up at high-frequency locations such as filling stations, supermarkets and shopping malls worldwide and will be successfully positioned as a highlight advertising medium. World of Lockers markets both the entire safe as advertising space and additional advertising. The company generates a second significant income stream from advertising revenues in addition to the locker rental.

Our Benefits

24/7 Pick-up station

Pick up parcels and items at any time - day or night. Free of charge and flexible. Without stress. For satisfied customers.

24/7 Delivery station

Deliveries around the clock. For retailers, parcel services and online stores. Deposit goods easily and securely at the pickup station. Job done.

Packages all sizes

Simply book the right locker online via smartphone or computer. For parcels and goods of any size.

Lockers for Company

Bring packages to the office easier than ever. With a MyLocker24 box in your company. For satisfied employees.


Goods that must not get too warm? No problem. The cooling system of the MyLocker24 box ensures optimal temperatures.


The MyLocker24 box is more than just a locker. It is also a new, attractive and modern advertising platform, around the clock. Slides and screens for videos - both on the front and sides..

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